The Pros and Cons of Different Lubricants

Sometimes sex might become uncomfortable, and this might be because of various reasons, one of the reasons is being dry. Dryness comes due to many reasons as well, and this might be because you are not ready yet or because of some medical conditions or the medications you might be taking. However, this should not bother as an adult because there are numerous solutions to this problem. There are various lubricants which you can use to achieve easy penetration. You should always keep lubricants around just in case you need them. Below are some pros and cons for some different types of personal lubricant.

Water base
This is the most common one. And they are available in a variety of brands.

They do not have a taste
It has a natural lubrication feel
Minimal skin irritation
They can be easily found
They are cheap
They are very compatible with condoms
They are also compatible with various sex toys

They have glycerin, and due to this, women can easily get infections. That is why when you use this type of lubricant; it is advisable that you take a bath as soon as possible.

Can easily stain your bed sheets
It is only recommended for those who are in long-term relationships, those couples who do not use protection.

They do not have water. It also has a different feel, and the skin cannot absorb this lube.

It is hypoallergenic
Hey last longer

The fact that it does not have water is a disadvantage to other people.

Natural Lube
This is the right lube for people concerned about the kinds of ingredients that they are putting down there.

It can easily be found; coconut oil is one which can be found in the kitchen.

It increases the chances of condom breakage
It can as well stain your sheets which might be very difficult to wash off

When it comes to choosing the best lubricant, you as the user have a say in it. You are the one supposed to choose which one you think suits your needs if you are an allergic person then you will have to consider getting the silicone based one, and so on, your needs should determine your choice, whether you want to use on your Charlotte Action escorts, or your wife or girlfriend, you should ensure that you get the one they will feel comfortable using.