Fat is important as it provides energy, keeps you warm, protects your organs and helps the body produce hormones.

The guideline daily allowance of fat is no more than 30% of our daily energy intake. It is important to stick within our allowance because having too much fat stored in the body is associated with a number of health risks.
Eating too much saturated (bad) fat can raise bad cholesterol levels and lead to heart disease. It is found in animal fat such as fatty meat, skin, butter, whole milk and cream, and also some plant based food such as coconut and palm oils.
Unsaturated (good) fat, on the other hand, is more heart-friendly. They reverse the bad effect of saturated fat by lowering the bad cholesterol levels and increasing the good cholesterol levels. Unsaturated fat is found in most plant based food such as nuts, seeds, olive, fish, avocado, sweet corn and soya beans and their oils.