Heart disease

Fat redistribution is also associated with high blood lipids (fats). The two types of fats that we are the most concerned about are triglyceride and LDL cholesterol. It is recommended to reduce saturated (bad) fat but increase unsaturated (good) fat in the diet. It is very important that you do not eliminate fat in your diet, but choose the 'good' fat, over the 'bad' ones. For example when you choose fat, avoid the 'bad' ones such as butter, lard, suet, coconut oil and palm oil. Go for the 'good' ones such as soft margarine and vegetable oil such as olive, corn, and sunflower oil.

On the other hand, many ready-made meals and processed food contain trans-fat to make them last longer. Trans-fat acts like saturated fat in our body, so it is best to avoid it as well. Choosing lean meat, or cutting skin and fat off the meat where possible can also reduce saturated fat.