If you are HIV negative

The MSM Poz website is aimed at people who are living with HIV but you might be here because you are HIV negative and have a partner, friend or relative who is HIV positive. It is great that you are helping your loved one, but did you know that you can also access support for yourself?

When someone is diagnosed with HIV it can be emotionally draining for them, but it can affect you as well. The information you find on this website will give you a good understanding of HIV, treatments and living well with HIV.
Depending on your relationship with the person you may be feeling sad, angry, confused or shocked. If your sexual partner has been diagnosed with HIV you may need to think about having a test yourself and finding out more about safer sex.
It is quite rare for people to die because they have HIV in Malaysia. This is more likely when someone is diagnosed very late, although many people in this situation make a good recovery and lead healthy lives.

If you're looking for advice or information you can contact PT Foundation, or you can talk through your feelings by speaking to a counsellor.