If you are living with HIV

If you are living with HIV you might also be supporting someone else who is HIV positive. They could be newly diagnosed, or someone who has been living with HIV for a while.

Living with HIV after diagnosis is a journey and people progress at different rates. Some people find their diagnosis hard to cope with initially, while others feel very calm when they are told but become upset later on. No one knows how they will react when they are diagnosed. Being told you have HIV is life changing and it can make you re-evaluate your life.
If you are HIV positive yourself, the person you are supporting may react in a completely different way than you did. It can be difficult to know exactly what the other person is going through, but giving them time and space to talk through their feelings is a good starting point.
Your experiences could be invaluable to the person you are supporting, for example, you will probably be able to tell them what happens at hospital appointments, and about things like taking antiretroviral medicine. You could also tell them about services which can help such as Counselling, Health Training or groups for people who are living with HIV.